Meet Arish,

A marketing studio for decentralized applications

From the nerds to the herds

As the crypto market evolves, so should your marketing. We accompany blockchain projects through the consumer adoption curve.

Marketing for a distributed economy

The liquid and unforgiving market leaves no room for mistakes. With a strong track record of startup growth marketing and consumer psychology, we can navigate the new environment better than anyone else.

I. Exposure

A hypercompetitive market means you must be hyper-visible. We will help your project getting featured everywhere.

  • PR and syndication
  • Web optimization
  • Advertising and sponsorships
  • Partnership development

II. Presentation

The crypto industry is saturated with questionable competitors. We help your brand keep a clear, differentiated voice and present the utmost trust.

  • Brand architecture and creative production
  • On-site messaging optimization
  • Customer feedback and segmented content
  • (Founders) styling and media training

III. Retention

We will connect with your audience beyond the coin price. Let’s get them involved with your mission, team, and technology; so, they are HODLing for the long term.

  • Periodical content creation
  • Community engagement and social media
  • CRM management

Crossing cultures

Based in the international Brooklyn, New York, we are your cultural bridge. We leverage our own diversity to build a diverse audience for your brand. The biggest market opportunity lies beyond the techies.

Partners we believe in

Our reputation is tied to yours, so we pick our partners carefully. Let's discuss potential collaboration. Reach out directly to Alex, our head of partner relations, at . We would love to say hi! πŸ‘‹